What are SwagBucks Codes?

One of the fundamental parts of getting out of debt and improving credit is to increase your earnings. That’s why I have decided to start a new section here to talk about ways you can earn extra money online and offline. The first method involves paid surveys and in particular a site called Swagbucks.

If you have been trying to make extra money online with paid surveys, I am sure you have heard of Swagbucks. What many people seem to not understand is the Swagbucks codes and how they work.

SwagBucks Codes are basically promotional codes that can be converted into extra SwagBucks if you enter them to your account correctly.

These codes are hard to find sometimes and there aren’t many documentation about them which I why lots of users have problem understanding them.

To help you learn and understand how to easily find those little tricky codes, I have prepared a quick guide.


Where Can You Find SwagBucks Codes?

You can find SwagBucks Codes in a few different ways, most notable through the website itself and also on different social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Which is why it pays to follow the site on social networking sites so you can see those codes when they are given out.

The cool thing is that they give you clues that make it a bit easier to spot these codes. That said, these codes can only be used for a limited time, so you have to find them fast and apply them fast in order to get credit.

Now, you will never know when Swagbucks codes are released. So you have to always be on the look out.

Once you found a code, all you have to do is login to your account and enter the code into a small box found on the upper right side of your screen called “Gimme”.

I hope this post has helped you in understand what Swagbucks codes are and how you can find them.

What Is A Credit Report?

What is a credit report? For many people this seemingly simple to answer question is baffling. What really is a consumer credit report? What is included in a credit report?…

Knowing what actually is a credit report and what information is included in it, can help you improve your score, or if you have no credit history yet, it could help you understand what you need to do to establish a credit history.

What Happens To Credit Card Debt When You Die

credit card debt after deathWhat happens to credit card debt when someone dies?…

In case you’re much like millions of Us citizens who are worried about credit card debt, you probably have asked that question once or twice. Here is what actually can happen to your credit card debt when you die.

Basically there are 2 principal components which can define who will be accountable for your personal credit card debt when you finally pass away: 1- Beside you, who has her or his name on the account 2- Where you actually live.

Can You Get A Credit Card Without A Social Security Number?

No Social Security Number Means No Credit CardCan you get a credit card if you don’t have a Social Security number?…

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Allow me to explain…


Is Social Security Number Required To Get A Credit Card?
Typically it’s not possible to get a credit card in the us without having a Social Security number or a similar form of identification. Why? Because not having a social security number means no credit history and we all know how getting a credit card with no credit history goes.  Having said that this is definitely a grey area. On the Social Security Administration’s website, Publication No. 05-10096 you can read this:

How To Get A Credit Card With No Credit History?

No Credit Card Without Credit HistoryHow can you get a credit card with no credit history? That is one of the biggest challenges that people with no credit background face. Lots of people may think that bad credit is the one thing that can hurt you when it comes to getting a loan or credit card, but strangely enough, having no credit history at all also makes you a likely candida for disapproval. And ironically, you can get a credit card with bad credit.

How Long Does A Bankruptcy Stay On Your Credit Report

How long does a bankruptcy actually stay on your credit report? This question is one of the most often asked questions that people who have filed for bankruptcy or are about to do so, ask. You may be surprised to find out the real answer to this question.

A personal bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for approximately Ten years, but a majority of credit rating firms would take it off following 7. This really just like the reporting period with regard to “late pays” as well as past due accounts published on your credit report, which happens to be Seven years.

What Credit Card Should I Get?

Having a credit card can certainly be a gratifying experience. It enables you to establish your credit history, whilst having the ability to use money that you might not have at that time. Nonetheless there are lots of things to be thought of when it comes to figuring out exactly what credit card is ideal for you.

How Long Does Negative Information Stay On Your Credit Report?

Items On Credit Report

How long does negative information stay on my credit report?…

Among other questions such as will canceling a credit card hurt my credit score, the above question is one of the most common questions asked by consumers who may have bad items on their report or perhaps are about to do something that may change their credit report, like file for bankruptcy

Here’s a lowdown of just how long particular forms of credit data will stay on your personal credit history:

Will Canceling A Credit Card Hurt My Credit Score?

Will canceling a credit card hurt my credit score?…Lots of people suffer from credit card debt because they have one too many cards. So when it comes to credit score, that question is often asked.

Perhaps the most critical element in your overall credit score apart from your payment track record is simply how much your debt is as regards to how much credit you really have.

This makes up about 30% of your respective overall credit score. Nevertheless, the sum you owe isn’t just the entire measure of debt, it is your debt as regards to just how much credit you actually have. This is generally known as the credit-utilization ratio.

How To Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit

How to get a credit card with bad credit? If you happen to be amongst many thousands of people who have really bad credit scores, you probably have asked that question once or twice.

So, are there actually any way to get a credit card even with a bad credit score?… Thankfully the answer is yes.  Generally speaking, there’s two relatively easy tactics for obtaining a brand new credit card, despite the fact that your credit score is admittedly terrible.

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